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Matcha teacup rikyu kuro raku 450ml



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Matcha teacup rikyu kuro raku 450ml

Elegant teacup for matcha tea made of famous raku pottery. In Japan tea masters used to say - "first raku, second hagi and third karatsu" - raku pottery is considered to be the best for matcha tea serving in traditional way. Kuroraku means black raku - elegant glaze in deep black colour. Traditional shape. 

Traditional raku pottery is very special and needs special treatment. The vessels are fired in relatively low temperature (800-1000°C), removed from the kiln while hot and let to cool in the open air or water. This makes the raku pottery very porous and fragile. To mkae it more solid it's reccomended to initiate the teacup before first use. Please put some rice in the lukewarm water, stir with hand or spoon until water becomes white. Soak the teacup for about 30 minutes so the rice powder gets into pores and makes the vessel solid and less fragile. Then rinse the cup in the water and let it dry for one day. After each use wipe the cup with a soft cloth and let it dry in the open air.

Do not wash the cup in a dishwasher. 

Use your raku teacup for green tea only, do not pour acid fluids in it, as this may cause colour change.


  • traditional raku pottery handmade in Kyoto
  • professional vessel for preparation matcha 
  • handmade and glazed with black glaze
  • do not put the teacup in a dishwasher


  • Diameter 10,5cm
  • Height 8cm
  • Capacity (to the upper edge) 450ml

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